UK Ontology Network 2018 - Future of the Network Survey
We would like to gather your thoughts on what UKON should look like in the future. Please don't forget to hit SUBMIT at the end of the survey or we will not receive your results!
Should there be a UKON meeting 2019?

Where would you like to see a future meeting held?

We are discussing the possibility of teaming up with a network in another domain for UKON 2019. Which, if any, of these domains are of interest to you?

Are there any application areas/subject you think are missing from the UKON meetings? e.g. FinTech, Social Media

If UKON was to change its name to broaden the audience, what would be your preferred option? A couple of suggestions are below, but please add any you think might better represent the network.

Would you be interested in hosting UKON in a future year?

Please add your name/email if you answered yes to hosting question.

Please add any other comments you'd like to make about the network, we welcome any feedback.

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